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Successful for customers together

Common Entrepreneurship


KAIROS Partners act in a network, combine the expertise and experiences of individual experts into a whole and offer customers solutions from a single source.

You are an expert and want to act independently and also in a circle of like minded people in exciting projects?

KAIROS Partners is a business network network and offers independent and experienced entrepreneurs, managing directors, managers, and experts a platform for a joint successful action in sales, conception, control, and implementation of disciplines overarching advisory projects for KAIROS Partners customers.

Through the End 2 End digitization of the KAIROS Partners Consulting processes based on the Expert platform, we act nationally and internationally in conjunction with no significant project overheads for KAIROS Partners customers. This means a more performance and result for every KAIROS Partner involved in the project.

Act in the network

As KAIROS Partner, we have a high degree of networking and know innovative and future oriented actors and solutions in the respective areas of work. With our knowledge, experience, and contacts, we ensure outstanding result for KAIROS Partner customers and at the same time promote the Business Network KAIROS Partner with its experts.

KAIROS Partners Value

  • Integrity

  • Trust

  • Fairness

  • Respect

  • Common ground

  • Transparency

  • Assumption of responsibility

  • Success orientation

What connects KAIROS Partner

Trust, loyalty, responsibility and success are our common values and our common foundation. True to this claim, we develop results for KAIROS Partners and thus ensure the success of each individual.

With its personal integrity and our common claim to quality, every KAIROS Partner sustainably promotes the trust between KAIROS Partner customers and the KAIROS Partners expert association.

KAIROS Partners Roles

As an expert or generalist, you will find your role flexibly and project related at KAIROS Partners. For you as KAIROS Partner, this means that you can get revenue from different roles that you can maintain at the same time.


Customer responsibility

As decision supporters, they accompany the top management level and are responsible for customer satisfaction as part of the project implementation.


Project responsibility

You coordinate consulting services take over the project management and are entrusted with the specialist concept.



Subject Responsibility

With your expertise and professional experience, you are directly involved in the project work in the team of KAIROS Partner customers.

Interested? Contact us personally. Your request will be treated confidentially.

Our self image

As KAIROS Partner, we confess to the following values ​​that we have laid down in KAIROS Kodex.


KAIROS Partner take responsibility for their actions and action to the well being of all KAIROS Partners and KAIROS Partners customers.


KAIROS Partner are binding in what they say and do and orient themselves in their behavior on fairness, transparency and professionalism for joint success.


KAIROS Partner act confidently on the basis of well founded expertise and experience, do not orientate themselves to particular interests and create objective decision making for companies.

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